6 O’Clock Gin for Bristol Media

This was a reworking of a case-study on a packaging and branding project for a website advertising local agency’s work. The website has an audience of technical readers, casual readers and potential clients, so the content had to be readable and interesting to all of these.

Green Chameleon’s branding and packaging design for 6 O’Clock Gin.

Mid-way through 2015, Bramley & Gage got in contact with us at Green Chameleon to discuss the exciting idea of helping them rebrand their industry leading and award winning 6 O’Clock Gin. Feeling that their renowned product’s housing lacked the visual appeal it deserved, we were entrusted with renovating the design’s humble beginnings. With the family-orientated ethos B&G pride themselves upon, we felt best that we should follow their Grandfather’s motto of ‘balance, poise and precision’.

Anticipating the flawless level of consistency required throughout the project, we adapted ourselves to the unconventional method of developing the brand whilst simultaneously designing the packaging. We subsequently managed to portray the smooth sophisticated taste and high quality reputation 6 O’clock has whilst retaining some of the key, recognisable visuals that have helped to establish its existing fanbase.

Addressing the iconic ‘6’ figure, we followed the precision-crafted theme. Following an exploration of ideas and an all-round agreement on what suited best, we began designing a custom cogs graphic that would be enclosed within the ‘6’. The cogs satisfied the theme superbly, together creating a mechanism that resembled the inner workings of a watchmaker’s artisan produce. Housed inside each cog is then an ornamental fashioning of a seed, representing one of the 7 different botanicals included during the distilling process. After coating the completed logo with an elegant silver finish, we moved on to the bold blue backdrop that has unquestionably earned its keep from the previous design.  

When packaging this product, we worked closely with the client and decided on keeping the surroundings of the ‘6’ clutter free and to continue with the silver and cobalt blue colour scheme. Bristol blue glass was chosen as the basis of the bottle, creating a unique and powerful shelf presence, as well as being a nod to the product’s strong Bristol heritage.

In order to perfect the unmistakable ‘6’ on the bottle, we carried out several preliminary tests resulting in the best process possible. Hot foil stamping is used by several big-name products such as Lindt, Baileys and supermarket premium brands. Whiskey is no stranger to it either, however Gin packaging is somewhat untouched. 6 O’clock wanted to stand out on the shelves. By finalising the bottle with a hot foil stamp onto a transparent adhesive label, it ensured a level of clarity and quality that was undoubtedly superior to it’s competitors.

6 O’Clock’s managing director Michael Kain believes that “the rebrand of 6 O’Clock has played a vital part in the growth of the business, GC’s creativity has shone through in all aspects of the project and I look forward to continue working with them in the future.” One year since that initial request for the rebrand, sales of 6 O’Clock Gin have doubled. Bramley and Gage, early on realising the success it would later prove, asked GC to immediately begin helping with a rebranding of their fruit liqueur range and revamp of the entire B&G website.


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