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With this piece, I had to mimic the previous copywriter’s tone of voice, hence the unforgivable puns. Forthglade is a premium dog food product, and I wanted to mix that in with a reworking of a recently published article regarding the origins of human-dog companionship.

[Barkaeologists dig through doggy history to uncover a fossilized friendship]

As your pooch purposefully sniffs the air and trots off ahead exploring, you can’t help but think that you two were destined to be companions. You’re not the only one – Archaeologists have recently discovered information that helps us understand the origin of this most prized relationship.

Upon uncovering the tooth of an Alsatian buried at Blick Mead, a site near Stonehenge, researchers were able to come together to shed light on this stone age canine’s story. This wild dog, the earliest discovery of his species to have sought the care of humans, became fully domesticated over 7000 years ago (or 105,000 in dog years!). This was much older than any scientist previously imagined. Later, as a companion to his family, the Alsatian would make the epic journey from York to Stonehenge – A commitment showing the beginnings of a relationship that would develop for thousands of years. For what reason did this dog go against his primal urges and instead sow the seeds of friendship? When it comes to dogs I think we all know food is most likely involved.

Through tooth analysis archaeologists found that this Alsatian, and others of his kind, were treated to salmon, trout, pike, wild pig and red deer. I’m sure you’re all now picturing your pooches salivating over these treats! This began a partnership in Hunter-gathering, between a mutt needing to be fed and a human in need of companionship. The tastebud tantalising diet and security of human relationship enticed the dog in; becoming the foundations for dogs’ attachment to humans for millennia to come.

Fast forward 7000 years and the way to your pup’s heart is still undoubtedly through their stomachs. Forthglade recognise this as an opportunity: By providing them with a tasty nutritious meal at particular times of the day, dinner times become ritual celebrations: When meal-time comes around you will love your pooch’s passion as she wolfs down that delicious grub. She’ll love you too of course; the owner who cares enough to feed her!  At these moments take a page (or stone tablet) out of your ancestor’s book and compose the meals with Forthglade: Using natural ingredients that have been around since prehistoric times, Forthglade will ensure your pet-partners have all the energy they need to love you all the more.

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