Product Descriptions

Here I tried my hand at product descriptions. Similar to social media requirements on word count, it is thefore important that essential product information and their USPs are concisely exhibited without sounding like a American TV commercial.

Teva sandles – Want to leap that extra mile without your accompanying equipment falling short? Strap in to the trail veteran invention that’s been conquering all terrains for over 30 years.

Polo shirt – Indulge yourself with this polo – Spun from Italian super pima cotton, the result is a premium product with an exceptionally soft feel. Offered in a coastal blue colour finished with a 3 button opening.

Handwash – Effortlessly cleanse your skin with this soothing hand wash. The luscious lather is a treat for your palms, containing antibacterial ingredients as well as being enriched with rosehip and jojoba oil for that extra special touch.

Travel Pillow – Nodding off in to unnatural positions causing a strain? Gently embrace your neck with this super-soft and inflatable travel pillow, ensuring your in-transit slumber is as comfortable as it can be.

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