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It’s the same issue every year. What do you get a foodie whose impeccably high standards make it impossible to choose them a worthy treat? If their kitchen is lucky enough this Christmas to have too many ‘chefs’, they’ll be battling over the Christmas dinner preparations.

There’s no doubt that an unearthly large Turkey will be the centrepiece of the feast, annually proving that the eyes of the guests at the table are always bigger than their stomachs. What then ensues is day after day of left-over Turkey territorialising our plates. How much cold lonesome Turkey can one household eat before their appetite diminishes?

Treat yourself or your gourmand friend, and give them the edge over scrutinising foodie family or dinner guests by providing the utilities needed to bring change. The old festive pub classic of an endearing but dry sandwich can be ciabattered up in to a wholesome grilled Turkey and Cranberry Panini. Bring warmth to the winter months with the Salter Health Grill and Panini Maker. Thanks to the simplicity and quality of food that this grill provides, it won’t face the seasonal rejection, making it an all-year-round cuisine creator.

The prospects don’t stop here. With the help of a Morphy Richards Sear & Stew Slow Cooker, you can revive your xmas excess and create succulent stews of tastefully tender Christmas left-overs. Of course, though the chef might be limited to their ingredients at this time of the year, this slow cooker is not. It can sear a variety of meat in the same pan! Chuck in some seasonal root veg, pop the top on and leave the juices bubbling away to create a hearty and homely dish.

These are just a couple our Christmas gift favourites for foodies, check out the full gift range here:

link to gifts range/food utilitiesalso consider inserting panini and stew recipes

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