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Drawing inspiration from Rafflesia Arnoldii, the meat-scented edible fruit, we introduce to you Trotter, Fentimans’ newest meaty-addition to our soft-drink range. In collaboration with Birmingham’s vegetarian Hotdog Restaurant No Dogs, each succulent taste was carefully selected together with the chefs-turned-artisan mixologists. The Trotter set is created entirely from all natural, botanical ingredients, meaning that like the meat it tastes of, it is packed full of proteins, vitamins and fibre. This makes it an ideal set for the health-conscious carnivore, omnivore and herbivore who want to try something new! Our meat-flavoured range includes a variety of five different bottles, each with a taste of one of our favourite cuts running wild within. Gather the heard together to try the thirst-quenching platter of Honey-Glazed Bacon, Jerk Sirloin, Chinese pork belly, Malaysian rib, and Cumbrian sausage!


Trust us folks when we say it’s been a struggle to keep this little project a secret. With @No Dogs, we have been working away feverishly refining the tastes of our delicious Trotter range. The selection includes BBQ and ‘last order’ favourites: Honey-Glazed Bacon, Jerk Sirloin, Chinese pork belly, Malaysian rib, and Cumbrian sausage.

Expertly made entirely from plant-based ingredients, our creation is guilt-free and meat-free, yet still packed full of all the good stuff; we’re talking proteins, vitamins and fibre!

We’ve even included a recipe for our ‘Veggie Mary’ – Introduce yourself to this world-first savoury cocktail ready to be made in your own home! Full recipe on our website: http://www.fentimans.com/veggiemary-recipe


UK, 21/09/17 – Immediate

Fentimans to release meat-flavoured, meat-free soft-drink range named ‘Trotter’.


Tested by an inquisitive crowd at the Independent Birmingham Festival, Fentimans’ special edition soft-drink was met with excitement – and trepidation. Created in collaboration with Birmingham’s vegetarian hotdog restaurant No Dogs, chefs ran wild with Fentimans’ selection of botanical ingredients to create the exquisite taste of Trotter.

Available in five tenderised meaty flavours, Fentimans has established itself as the leading provider of ‘meat-drinks’. Honey-Glazed Bacon, Jerk Sirloin, Chinese pork belly, Malaysian rib, and Cumbrian sausage are all flavour variations up for grabs to the rapidly-growing consumer base being referred to as the ‘carnivore consumer’. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), increased urbanisation in the UK and higher incomes has increased the number of native meat-lovers (Link to – https://data.oecd.org/agroutput/meat-consumption.htm).

Poised to be the most controversial beverage launch this year, Fentimans’ craft producers have stepped up to offer something truly unique.

As a means of reflecting meat-eating culture, Fentimans encourage potential customers to consume in groups and share with others. By releasing a range of collectible flavours, Fentimans have sought to reflect the BBQ-state of mind, seeking big flavours whilst being surrounded by friends and family.

”There have been few innovations in the meat-flavoured drinks industry since Bovril in 1875 … until now.” says Simon Hawley, Director of Product Development at Fentimans. “The availability of our meat-flavoured range will be a pathway for new breeds of mixologists  and cocktail alchemists. offering carnivore, omnivore and herbivore consumers more ways to enjoy their favourite flavours.”

Fentimans’ Trotter range will be available in Birmingham Independent-participating shops, bars and restaurants on 1st November 2017. This is in alignment with World Vegan Day, as this range is made entirely of plant-based ingredients! With this, Fentimans hopes to promote what the plant world has to offer in terms of succulent tastes and the fantastic health benefits. A general release gift set will also be available in December, just in time for Christmas.

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