Jaguar E-PACE Web Copy

Tasked to rewrite brochure copy suitably confined within DX component templates

Overview – Exterior: Poised on its muscular rear haunches, the lavish lines of the X540 hold the powerful Jaguar grille and striking Matrix LED front & rear lights. An even sportier prowess can be achieved with optional 21” wheels.

Overview – Interior: A sleek three-spoke steering wheel rests perfectly in your palms, with gear shift paddles awaiting hair-trigger movement should you choose to take full manual control of the transmission. Gaze in to X540’s infinity mirror, or above in to the open world flooding in through the panoramic roof.

Practicality/Interior Storage: Access to your X540 is just as versatile as you can be, with a fully waterproof Activity Key gaining you entry. A driver-orientated central cubby box offers 10 litres of storage which can be divided in to separate capacities. Utilise its multiple tech focused ports, including gadget charging, HDMI, USB and an SD Card reader.

Overview – All Wheel Drive: Retaining the raw edge of RWD power, X540’s All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system provides handling purity and balance without sacrificing the dynamic and untamed experience of a Jaguar. Engineered to ensure optimal torque distribution, you are guaranteed unfaltering acceleration and stability.

The Range (All): Combining Jaguar’s contemporary design excellence with flawless performance and unrivalled practicality, the X540 encapsulates the luxury driving experience.

360 Parking Aid: Surround Camera System available through the Touchscreen system of the X540 provides 360° of exterior vision. This ensures a synchronisation of everyday capability and exterior design. Never feel restricted in the manoeuvring ability of your X540.

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