Power in Numbers ad

Conceptual TV ad for Jaguar E-PACE with crossover to DX

Launch campaign idea for X540, primarily focused on TV and digital advertising. Following up the new brand narrative established with XE/XF. Following The Road Map brief…

Things to focus on:

  • Family man with an edge, in a well behaved profession
  • Exciting and contemporary cars
  • Performance, seduction, temptation (The latter two may be difficult with car aimed at a family man)

For TV

  • ‘Power in Numbers’ theme. Follows a 9-5 working man. Numbers will follow him throughout the day – evolves in to the reveal of E-Pace specifications
  • First scene is the guy coming down from breakfast – Dressed typically as you would whilst getting ready. Tie untied, jacket carried and put on table, no shoes on etc. Rushing around, and he gets made a coffee. Wife asks how many shots of coffee he’d like from the machine. ‘2’… actually, make it ‘3’.
  • He drives away from home. As he pulls up to a some roadworks, he stops. It zooms in on the Jaguar face rolling and then stopping. It zooms out a little, and there’s a ‘21’ drawn in chalk next to the wheel. This is the size of the optional wheels, the first SUV to offer this size
  • He’s stopped just before a 60 zone. He smirks at the speed sign and then at construction worker holding the stop/go sign and revs his engines. He gives in to the temptation to floor it when the worker twists the ‘stop’ sign to ‘go’. With a 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds, the car ‘roars’ of the engine is demonstrated here as he passes a 60 speed limit sign – He looks in the infinity mirror, and the back of the 60 speed sign reads ‘5.9’
  • When he gets to work, he unpacks the boot space. Each bag he takes out, a number is behind it. ‘1, 2, 3, 4’. This is the number of liters the boot space can hold. 1234 l. He then realises he’s forgotten his brief case. Gets back in to the car and drives back home
  • On this return journey, he goes past a tree with 48.7 etched in to the bar. This is the urban consumption of the car
  • He gets home, and walks through the door. His toddler son is sat on his briefcase in the front room, playing with an Abacus. On this abacus, the beads are arranged so it reads 5-16-1-3-5 (E-PACE!)
  • The camera holds steady on the abacus and a hashtag appears at the bottom of a screen along with a URL. It says ‘#PowerInNumbers’ and ‘www.jaguar.co.uk/power-in-numbers.’ This links to the digital ad…
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkYJuv82ME0 This song plays in the outro from 2:48.


  • When you enter the URL, you are taken to an online abacus. No clues are given, but the video from TV is available at the top of the screen to re-watch. A hashtag is displayed at the bottom ‘#PowerInNumbers’ which would provoke people questioning via social media to use the hashtag and see what other users suggest
  • The user works out (to copy the child in the video’s abacus (or cheats using social media). As they do each number, the letter corresponding to the number appears (e.g 5 = E)
  • When it spells out E-Pace, the page unlocks and redirects to the E-Pace configurator page

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