Deck the Halls ad

Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner ad

We’ve been picking up the Christmas leftovers for 25 boxing days. Our desire to help clean quicker and more efficiently so you have more time to spend with your loved ones has never changed. But our technology has. It’s evolved, with the DC75 having the most advanced cleaner head ever.

Our signature design is centred around a Big Ball ensures the DC75 glides around your halls effortlessly, sucking up needle after needle after needle after needle after needle after needle.

This ad is different to the previous two, with more minimal copy and the product clearly on display. See sketch for A-E

A) The bin of the vacuum cleaner is full of the needles that drop off a Christmas tree and absolutely over the floors seemingly everywhere. It’s always an annoying task having to pick up every single needle and going around all the furniture.

B) Imitating a Christmas Tree as the bin is full of all the needles, some fairy lights are draped around the Dyson

C) A pathway of needles that are being cleaned up. May be cleaner/more minimal to get rid of this part and just have the Dyson standing upright

 D) Logo with ‘deck the halls’ next to it, referring to how a Christmas tree decks the flooring with residue

E) Copy from above

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 14.56.00

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