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Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 – Wake Up to Daylight Light Ad

The wellness-world is packed full of equipment and gadgets that keep you on track during your day. But few truly recognise the importance of a day’s beginning and its end. A perfect start ensures a boosted mood, higher productivity and an all-round eagerness for what’s ahead. Why go wild with fitness fads when the first solution begins in bed?

Drift off at sunset, and gently awaken to the warm illumination of a sunrise all year round. Our Bodyclock Active dawn-simulator stirs moments before you do, prompting your hormones to naturally wake up your body from its slumber. This alternative to being dragged in to your day is proven to cast a shadow on Seasonal Affective Disorder, making those dark, winter mornings as delightful as mid-summer. The Lumie range guarantees a joyful you – why settle for anything less?

Be as radiant as you can be — rise and shine.

The ad for the Lumie will be as simple as a woman pictured in bed with a warm orange glow casting shadows across her smiling face. One eye will be mildly open to be met  with the glow. See sketch for A-G

A) This eye is part of the face that is cast in shadow. It’ll still be closed as the other eye is just about peaking through its tiredness.

B) This eye is part of the face illuminated by the glow of the Lumie. It’ll be very slightly open, to capture that exact moment where our vision is a little blurry as we peer through our eyelids, not yet strong enough to open our eyes fully.

C) An example of the shadows being cast by facial features. This and F will need to contrast yet not be too powerfully opposite. Don’t want the audience to see the light from the lamp as something that is blinding in the mornings.

D) A gentle smile hidden by the duvet, only the corners of the mouth are displayed. Waking up happy is a major part of the product.

E) Copy from above

F) The warm, pastel orange glow produced by the Lamp. Colour is very important here – not too bright, not too dull.

G) The Lumie logo and thumbnail of the product (such as the image to the right, yet transparent so just showing the lamp itself and none of the background)

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 14.55.47

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