You Should See the View from Up Here ad

GoPro Karma Drone Kit with Harness for GoPro HERO5 Black ad

Dominating the elements, yet concealed within nature itself, our GoPro Karma Drone soars up to 10,500 feet in the skies above. As swift as a Leopard’s 35mph sprint, it is the apex predator of its field.

Boasting 3000m of flying distance, our drone grants you access to a hidden world. Whether that be views of the architectural intricacies of downtown New York scraping the sky, or the rice terraces of Vietnam stretching through misted mountains – the possibilities are as endless as vision.

Whether a pro pilot or a get-up-and-go amateur, neither will struggle with the in-flight command of the drone. It’s as easy as two joysticks. Witness the world through your drone’s eye with a 720p screen mounted on the controller, offering just a preview of what will be captured at 4k on the GoPro.

Gear up for your escapade with nothing but your kit and a Karma Drone carry case, before venturing off to find your awaiting launch spot. Fire up the propellers and glide.

You should see the view from up here.

This ad is all about user generated imagery. It’s both a demonstration of the photography capability of the GoPro Hero, but particularly the Drone itself as these shots would not be achievable without it. See sketch for A-D

A) This is an ideal shot. High up in the clouds with textured white space, coloured in between the parted clouds by the landscape below. Photos with bold colours of spacious surrounding would be the most preferred for this ad, to show the sheer range of space the drone can cover. There’s some incredible photography with drones online.

B) The most important part of the ad itself. The shadow of the drone. Admittedly this is something that is usually avoided with drone photography, but here it does well to hide the product itself and instead show its interaction with the world it flies through. This interaction could instead be something like leaves parting from the breeze caused by the propellers as it flies by.

C) A centralised and simple GoPro logo.

D) Copy from above

E) Final sentence of the copy larger thanthe rest so it stands out

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 14.55.34

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